• MD Testimonials

    “I met Dr. Krieger at a seminar in 2006 and it was immediately apparent that he was exceptional. He has the insight, understanding, and wisdom of a healer. I’ve referred many patients including my own daughters and all rave about their experience. Jeremiah is balanced in his approach, encouraging his patients to participate and get the best of eastern and western medicine. He is collaborative, open and puts his patients’ best interests first. I am especially impressed by his knowledge, passion for Traditional Chinese Medicine and the depth of his caring for his patients.”

    Jeremy E. Kaslow, M.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.C.A.A.I.



    Jeremiah Krieger has the expertise, knowledge and skills to promote natural healing using acupuncture and herbs. I highly recommend Dr. Krieger who works with many of my patients who need chemotherapy and radiation for cancer. He helps them improve their energy, relieve pain, strengthen their body and immune system and restore their health. His skill treating a wide range of internal medicine issues is evident.

    A recent patient (on chemo and radiation) who I referred to Jeremiah said “I went through the treatments without any symptoms or side-effects. The results were amazing and I’m grateful to Jeremiah for an incredible experience!” I was impressed with the results of his care and I know her oncologist was as well. I believe that healing with the collaboration of natural medicine and western medicine helps so many patients.


    Robert Heller MD


    Jeremiah is an excellent acupuncturist. From the minute you meet him he is amazingly warm and compassionate. He makes you feel so comfortable and ready for your treatment even if it is your first time. Jeremiah fully explains the science behind acupuncture and herbal treatments. He is passionate about eastern medicine and has a very balanced approach toward allopathic medicine. Jeremiah truly wants you to thrive and become well. As a patient and medical doctor I would definitely recommend Jeremiah to any individual seeking to heal their body and mind.

    Rama Bathala-Patel M.D. ​


    I am very enthusiastic to write this letter as a testimonial to Dr. Jeremiah Krieger. His true passion for Chinese medicine and desire to help others is obvious. Jeremiah focuses on the needs of his patients and community. He brings 20 plus years of studying Chinese medicine and an ultimate goal of true wellness and health.

    Jeremiah excels in making strong bonds and professional relationships with patients, their family members and medical team. His outgoing nature and sincere support for his patients drives him to spend a considerable amount time with each person he treats. All the while his focus in Chinese medicine is on building health and not just treating the disease. His patients get excellent results.
    Overall, Dr Krieger is a fine example of a civic-minded physician with a deep desire to make a meaningful difference. He is an asset to our community because of his passion for medicine, desire to overcome challenges and enthusiasm for assisting his fellow man. In short, he is a wise choice for anyone considering Chinese medical treatment.

    Sincerely, Peter Mikhail MD, DO


    I was experiencing pain and stiffness in both of my shoulders, left hip, and knees after working out. I was referred to Jeremiah in an effort to decrease the pain while still allowing me to exercise. I received improvement in both of my shoulders and my hip after the first session. I noted improvement in both of my knees after only a few treatments. The needles were painless and benefits were long lasting. I now include it as part of my general health maintenance. Jeremiah’s wealth of knowledge in acupuncture combined with his great bedside manner leads to a high quality of care. I highly recommend him.

    Toby Washington MD​

  • Patient Testimonials

    Before I went to see Jeremiah, I was presented by my OB/GYN with the only options of taking hormonal drugs that has side effects but with no guarantee of results AND surgery. Having already gone through a painful surgery once, I decided to give eastern medicine a good try as my last resort before surgery. Within 3 months of acupuncture treatments and on an herbal formula with Jeremiah, my cysts were gone! My OB/GYN was shocked at the result of the ultra sound! I was thrilled to find an incredible healer with natural and effective methods of healing that treats me as whole person. I experienced heartfelt care and amazing healing on all physical, emotional and spiritual levels!

    Christina H

    My name is Gere Fennelly, and I am a 47 year old woman. When I first came to Jeremiah, it was because I had a pain in my lower back for about 6 months from improperly lifting a piano keyboard. I’d heard from the owner of Golden Bridge Yoga, Gurmukh Kalsa, about how great he was, so I figured I’d get a treatment. After only 1 session, the pain went away and has not come back. That was over a year ago! He also has formulated a mixture of Chinese herbs that I have been taking for the past year that have completely trasformed me- people say I look 10 years younger! My skin glows, and I feel great!

    Gere Fennelly

    I came to Jeremiah to work on fertility issues after 4 failed rounds of IVF. In time, his treatment expanded to include my whole self – as every aspect of a woman’s health impacts her fertility. I rolled my eyes through his exhaustive intake questionnaire, but eventually, he helped me achieve a state of vibrant, glowing health. It wasn’t immediate, it was gradual, but every treatment, I felt a little better and better. Today, I am holding twin 8 week old girls in my arms, and I have no doubt that Jeremiah Krieger’s patient ministrations had everything to do with their being here. Some people are just natural healers, and whatever your health issue (he is treating my father’s arthritic knees with great success as well), Jeremiah will nudge you gently toward optimum health. I can’t thank him enough!

    Laura Lynton​

    The quality of support and service that Jeremiah brings to his practice is profoundly healing. I have been a client of his for just under a year and have been seeing him weekly. I am full of gratitude for the healing experience that I have had with Jeremiah and intend to continue seeing him weekly. The combination of treatments and the herbal formula has been tremendously supportive and healing. I have experienced shifts in many areas of my life as a result. The quality of consciousness that he brings to his practice is unlike any healer I have ever experienced. He is without a doubt one of the most educated and intuitive people that I have met in his field and I would recommend his services to anyone without reservation.

    Kasey Crown​

    I want to especially thank Jeremiah Krieger, whose acupuncture treatments and proscribed herbs enabled me to go through the months of chemo/radiation without any side effects - which stunned my doctors. They each said they had never had a patient who had gone through these treatments with such ease.
    Jeremiah was with me throughout this time - he is a true and noble healer. His wisdom, experience and knowledge of how best Chinese medicine can support western medicine has been foremost in my healing.

    Joanna Cottrell​

    It's been my pleasure to recommend Jeremiah Krieger to anyone I know who might benefit from his services. For over two years now, I've found Jeremiah to be extremely professional, compassionate, personable and engaged. His love for his work is obvious. His approach to eastern medicine - comprehensive, down-to-earth, user-friendly - demystifies the processes for laypersons like me.
    Jeremiah has helped me greatly with my tendonitis and other work-related injuries, always from a perspective that addresses my overall health and well-being.

    Chris G.​

    With grounded medical knowledge and a spiritual commitment to healing, a treatment with Jeremiah offers you an intelligent game plan, gentle needles and process work. In addition he prescribes Chinese herbs tailored, after thorough analysis, to your system and symptoms. You will leave his office feeling revived, cared for and hopeful. This is one doctor you will enjoy going back to!

    Sarah Riordan​

    Dr. Jeremiah Krieger is an extremely competent acupuncturist. He is professional yet warm and allows for an atmosphere of comfort and safety in the treatment room. Dr. Krieger has vast experience and is medically knowledgeable. Altogether, he provides excellent treatment and is a true healer by nature.
    All the best to you,


    In life, it is challenging to find real medical assistance you can trust, that is why finding Jeremiah Krieger as my doctor of Chinese medicine was such a gift. In his treatments, he merges the utmost knowledgeable information pertaining to my ailments and on how my physical and emotional bodies are affected. He achieves this with skill as well as a sensitive and kind approach. He has helped me with a variety of ailments, and has succeeded in helping me attain a level of perfect health. I travel often, and I can recall upon one instance, I was hit with an extreme flu- within ONE DAY Jeremiah was able to clear all the symptoms I had been experiencing for weeks. He is not simply an acupuncturist, he is a gateway into radiant health! To find such skill and honesty is rare. He is truly gifted with knowledge and sensitivity. I recommend him to everyone and anyone who wants to feel amazing, balanced and healthy!


    Jeremiah is truly gifted. He approaches healing from every angle - emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical. He addresses the underlying issues that have lead to current circumstances, and his acupuncture sessions work simultaneously on the inside and the outside. Working with him has made profound improvements to my health!

    Rebecca Nassi​

    Jeremiah took the time to really understand me, my daily choices, and where I sabotage myself. He used this knowledge to create a thoughtful, customized healing plan for me. Working with him has been an amazing healing experience.

    David Ackert​

    I came to Jeremiah three months ago in severe physical pain, as well as emotional exhaustion and distress. He has helped me so much! He is a unique and gifted healer, who works on many different levels and always tells the truth. He is committed to helping people achieve radiant health and vitality. Between the acupuncture treatments, the special herbal formula he created for me and our helpful talks, I am well on my way to feeling great. I can't recommend him highly enough.

    Rachel F​

    The Best Acupuncture - Pain Free at Last!!!
    Blog posted by Tammara

    A couple of months ago, I blogged about dealing with my knee, which was seriously out of whack and killing me. I did everything the doctors recommended, from the traditonal to the arcane trying to get it back to normal. I took aspirin, iced it, started the glucosomine and chronditron supplements, special exercises...and they all helped, but it still wasn't right and was still hurting. That is, until I found one of the best acupuncturists I've ever experienced, Jeremiah Krieger. And the kicker is, he practices in Hollywood, so for me, he's easy to get to. Now part of me, the selfish part, wants to keep him all to myself. He's already busy, and I want to be able to get in anytime I want, but in the interest of promoting better health and pain free living for everyone... I'm giving him up.

    The thing I really like about Jeremiah's practice, is that he treats the whole person, not just the specific ailment. He worked on my knee, but also on other things and after the first session, I got up and felt terrific. He also prescribed some herbs to take and after five days of taking the herbs and getting consecutive treatments, I was pain free and walking completely normally after three months of dealing with pain! Last week, my mom was in town visiting and she tired Jeremiah for her back and hip pain and noticed a marked improvement! He can be reached at 310-488-6188 and works three days a week in Hollywood and two days a week in Santa Monica.

    I began seeing Dr. Jeremiah Krieger shortly after it was discovered that I had a low sperm count, and a low motility reading. After an initial intake and visit with Jeremiah, he prescribed a personalized formula of herbs for me. Within a couple of months, a second test showed improvement. At about 3-4 months of taking the herbs on a regular basis, my sperm count had almost tripled and my motility had increased from 10% to 40%. This was an impressive jump. I would highly recommend Jeremiah to anyone facing challenges with infertility.


    Since I've been seeing Jeremiah, I have experienced a tremendous difference in my health and well-being. When I began the treatments, I was feeling very depleted, out of balance and just plain stuck in many aspects of my life. I knew that I wasn't living up to my true potential. His treatments have proved to be the missing link to my health. I feel more open, grounded and even keeled emotionally. I’m able to handle stress in much more calm and balanced way. After getting acupuncture and working with him, I feel as though my whole being is functioning more optimally. His personality and caring demeanor are that of a true healer. He has a calm gentle way of helping you bring out the best in yourself and for that I am eternally grateful. Thank-you so much Jeremiah! I will continue to highly recommend you to everyone I know!

    Heather, Santa Monica, CA

    Working with Jeremiah has been a great experience. I have had irregular periods since I was a teenager and in my experience, traditional doctors do not take the time or have the patience to discuss alternative treatments. For years, I was tested for all sorts of hormonal imbalances and thyroid irregularities, but test after test would always come out normal. The final conclusion by more than one doctor was that "some women are just irregular." I was eventually diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and basically the only treatment offered was to take the birth control pill so that I would have a regular cycle. While I was interested in having a regular cycle, I was more concerned with finding the root of the problem so that I would not have difficulty getting pregnant. When I first meet with Jeremiah, I had not had a period in six months and was very concerned. Immediately, I was pleased at how thorough Jeremiah was in detailing my medical history and how committed he was to making sure we examined every aspect of my health that could possibly be affecting my irregularity. After just six weeks of a combination of Chinese Tonic Herbs and occasional acupuncture treatments, I had a full, regular period. I have continued to take the herbs and have now had two consecutive cycles, something that has not happened in almost two years. I look forward to more regular cycles and am confident that my reproductive irregularies will be corrected. I can now look forward to a successful conception and healthy pregnancy in the future.

    Shamar Amirh Bibbins, Los Angeles, CA

    Acupuncture with Jeremiah produces the most immediate and effective results of all healthcare options I have tried. Scheduling one appointment opened the door to life-changing improvements in my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. For the first time in my life, I feel an authentic sense of well-being I would not trade for anything in the world.

    When I met Jeremiah at Dragon Herbs, he was personable, sincere and upbeat—qualities that undoubtedly contribute to his success as a doctor. One year later, I met a friend of a friend who absolutely raved about the dramatic transformations she experienced after three months of acupuncture from him. She said it changed her life completely. I decided to see if I could get similar results. After only a few appointments, I noticed remarkable improvements in my health that increase exponentially with subsequent treatments.

    From the beginning, Jeremiah goes above and beyond what an ordinary doctor does. He utilizes his extraordinary communication and intuitive skills to develop a healthcare regiment tailored to patients’ specific needs. There is no rushing out the door or lack of explanation. He encourages questions and input at every step of the process. I believe he has the knowledge and ability to help cure any ailment.

    Truly, there is no limit to the wonderful things to say about Jeremiah. He forms a special bond with patients, develops the trust and environment necessary to foster healing, and uses his professional expertise for the profound benefit of everyone in his care. Working with him, receiving his patient counsel and compassionate healing, has been a privilege. It is the single best thing I have ever done for myself.

    Kara Lawton, Los Angeles, Calif.

    If you are a woman who is looking to remain healthy and strong during and after pregnancy, Jeremiah Krieger is a top choice. Acupuncture treatments with Jeremiah in the months prior to my baby’s birth helped bring about a smooth and timely delivery, and kept my energy up and stress down in those last few trying weeks.
    And after the baby was born, continued treatments helped avoid a relapse of rheumatoid arthritis and gave me critical support in rebuilding my health. Unlike with my first baby, I have had energy, less pain from the arthritis and all without the assistance of drugs that can be harmful to my breastfed baby. Jeremiah is extremely competent and acupuncture is both gentle and highly effective for pre- and post-partum health challenges.

    Melissa Susman, Artist and mother of two

    Just wanted to take the time to tell you how much I appreciate your gift in the art of acupuncture. It's truly pleasant to see someone who has passion in what they do. The first time you worked on me I was skeptical. But there was something about you that made me believe in you.
    I came to you with a lot of stress, my tongue was cracked and I had enough anxiety to drive a person crazy. Every time I come in you greet me with such warmth. That in itself is healing. I can honestly say that your work is assisting me tremendously. I remember the weeks you took off I felt a big difference. So, no more vacations for you. I'm so glad our paths have crossed. You are my healer and a friend!

    Michael Cade

    I had the great pleasure of working with Jeremiah Krieger during my pregnancy. I found him to be knowledgeable, patient and kind. He loves what he does and it shows. I felt well taken care and recommend him highly!

    Renee Stahl​

    I have been working with Jeremiah now, for just over a year. My productivity has increased by at least two hours a day and my skin has cleared up after years of acne (I'm almost 40!). The black circles under my eyes have disappeared and I have less gray hair.
    I understand and am even more interested in healing and it's emphasis in my life. Jeremiah is intuitive and insightful. His gifted skills as a Doctor of Acupuncture puts him in a category all his own. My life and health are better since I've known him.

    Teresina (Health and Fitness Coach)

    Jeremiah is an amazing healer who changed my life. I first met him at UCLA where he was working as an acupuncture intern. Having been diagnosed with fibromyalgia a few years earlier, I sought help through acupuncture, as remedies offered by the doctors at UCLA were ineffective. Initially, I was hoping to get symptomatic relief from chronic pain and with sleep deprivation. Before Jeremiah, I had seen other interns at UCLA who were able to give me some temporary relief for my back pain but it always came back and at the same or increased levels of intensity. Jeremiah was the first person who asked me about everything happening in my life before starting a treatment plan. That is, he didn’t stop his diagnostic interview with a run-down of my symptoms. He seemed to want to get to know who I was as a person and what my life was like so that he could get a better picture of me and my illness and therefore develop an effective plan for treating it.
    Jeremiah advised me to augment our acupuncture sessions with herbs. I saw Jeremiah regularly and noticed drastic improvements. My energy levels, which were seriously depleted, started rising, I was sleeping better, my digestive system started working better, and I was starting to feel like a whole person again. But perhaps the most positive aspect that I can offer about Jeremiah and his work is that he was the healthcare provider I trusted most with my care. He is so personable and kind, he takes his time with you and really knows his patients on a deeper level than any healthcare professional I have ever worked with. As my body became stronger, Jeremiah helped me to build my stamina even further to help prepare my body so that it could grow a healthy baby. This was perhaps my greatest challenge, as my body had been so depleted by the fibromyalgia that I was not sure I could carry and maintain a healthy baby in my body to full term.
    I am now the proud mother of a happy and healthy baby boy. We are forever grateful for Jeremiah for all that he has done for me and my family. I have recommended him to all of my friends and will continue to do so. He is an excellent practitioner and a wonderful human being.


    For nine years, I lived with a debilitating condition called Interstitial Cystitis. Over those years, I saw countless doctors, including four IC experts in three states. None provided any relief. Out of total desperation, I tried Oriental Medicine, under Jeremiah’s care. The results were truly life changing. Within two weeks, my symptoms improved. Over the course of six months, my symptoms disappeared. Now, a year and a half later, I am in complete remission. I take no drugs whatsoever, and only go for monthly acupuncture "tune ups." My Western doctor is amazed.
    Clearly, my treatments with Jeremiah changed my life. He is patient, compassionate and genuine. I never felt rushed during my appointments and he always took the time to listen and get the full picture of what was going on with my health.He cared for both my physical and emotional well being, something too often overlooked in Western Medicine. Jeremiah is truly a skilled practitioner of Oriental Medicine.


    Hi Jeremiah, I just wanted to let you know that your treatment last week was absolutely transforming. I came into your office feeling sad and defeated. Once you applied all the points, I started feeling an overwhelming sense of calm. I also loved listening to the meditation lesson. It focused my wondering mind into staying in the moment of the treatment – just letting it do it’s thing.
    After you removed the points, I had the biggest smile on my face. I couldn’t help it. The treatment you gave me brought up so much happiness. It was truly amazing.
    Thank you Jeremiah! You are such a gifted person and I am so happy to know you.


    I came to Jeremiah with a swollen arm. I had injured the arm in a yoga class but it seemed to heal, though it remained stiff. Then about a week or so later it started swelling, all the way from the armpit to the fingers, which was alarming and painful. After a few days of this, with the swelling increasing, I went to a doctor who after an initial exam, sent me to the emergency room for specific tests. After we ruled out all the various possibilities, an insect sting, a tear, a tumor, a blood clot, etc. etc. I was sent home with an ice pack and some aspirin and no relief. The swelling persisted and was extremely uncomfortable. Jeremiah was highly recommended to me, and though I'd never tried accupuncture before, I made an appointment.
    I was immediately put at ease by Jeremiah's professional manner and loving presence. I felt that a healing was beginning the moment I stepped in to the treatment room with him. The treatment seemed simple and in a way unremarkable except for the feeling of peace and emotional release I had throughout the session and a deep relaxation was almost blissful! Certainly the healing that Jeremiah does takes place on many levels.He prescribed some herbs that I was careful to take as instructed throughout the next two weeks (which seemed to really boost my overall well-being) but the swelling in my arm started going down as I left his office. In fact, later that night, it was gone completely and, after that one treatment, has never returned.

    Myshel Prasad​

    I have received, on numerous occasions, the benefits of Jeremiah's acupuncture treatments. Through out my life I have experienced many modalities of therapeutic treatment. Growing up an athlete and continuing into a college football career, I have been in need of constant body work. Jeremiah has helped me greatly with lower back and hip joint pain. He also aided me with the numbing of my limbs from neck and back nerve pinches. He relieved my chronic shoulder pain from a past severely dislocated trauma. I really appreciate his demeanor and undeniable genuine interest in human kind and his belief in what he is doing. The energy and dedication he puts into his work is no doubt linked to the benefits my body has received.

    All My Best,

    As a woman who has regularly experienced the many symptoms of fibromyalgia for years, I am acutely aware of my body’s responses to stress and pain. The awareness extends, of course, to the effect of the physical condition on my psychological state. On every level, Jeremiah Krieger successfully treats me and consistently heals me. He has extensive knowledge and a clear, mature intuition, laced with grounded spiritual attunement and respectful, unconditional, loving kindness.

    Alexandra Leh​