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  • Common Conditions Eastern Medicine can help with

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    Common Conditions

    More information on some of these conditions in our Blog

    Chronic Fatigue

    Stress, Depression, Anxiety

    Poor Memory, Insomnia

    Side Effects of Cancer Treatment

    Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s, Diarrhea

    Constipation, Poor Digestion, Reflux

    Menstrual Pain, Irregularity, Uterine Fibroids



    Pregnancy Support - Morning Sickness, Backache, Fatigue, Labor Support

    Pediatric ADD, ADHD, Depression

    Asthma, Allergies

    Mononucleosis, Epstein Barr

    Headaches (including Migraines)

    Smoking Cessation, Detoxification

    Pain – Acute or Chronic, Fibromyalgia

    MS, Lupus, Parkinsons

    Beauty – Acufacelift, Weight-loss, Skin Clarity

    Athletic Enhancement for Professional Athletes


    World Health Organization List of Conditions Treatable By Acupuncture

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