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Taking Care of Your Immune System

Get your body strong during the covid-19 pandemic

Modern medicine is a team sport where the best outcomes are usually achieved by combining both

Eastern and Western medicine. Here I’ll be discussing what Eastern Medicine has to contribute to successfully boosting the immune system in the age of the coronavirus.

The History and Power of Eastern Medicine

China has successfully faced over 300 infectious disease epidemics in the last 2000 years. Two major classics of Chinese medicine address the treatment of infectious disease, the first being written about 2 millennia ago.

The ancient Chinese learned pathogens attack from the exterior and drive inward into the body long before the advent of microscopes. Without modern biochemistry they discovered plants that had antiviral, antibiotic, immune boosting, immune modulating, expectorant, bronchodilating, anti-inflammatory and fever reducing properties. 

In 2015 the Nobel Peace Prize in Medicine was awarded to a researcher who identified the main ingredient in the Chinese herb used to treat malaria. It is now the primary treatment for malaria worldwide.

All of the herbs below have been well studied, often around the globe. For those of you who like to dig deep into the science, I encourage you to search PubMed for articles about them.

Discount, Purchasing and Customized Immune Programs

Hands down the best quality, safest, cleanest and most effective herbs I’ve found are from

Dragon Herbs. They have online ordering and phone ordering (310) 917-2288. The code, krieger2020” will get you 10% off the order. You cannot check out as a guest and still get the discount, so make sure to register / login.

The doses listed below are general recommendations. For customized immune programs for you and your family, visit here for more information on telemedicine.

Preventative Use: What To Take

Immune boosters

Medicinal mushrooms: a class of gentle, safe and reliable immune boosting herbs.

The 4 Kings from Dragon herbs is an excellent blend. 4 caps 2x/day. It includes:

o Reishi

o Agaricus

o Cordyceps -especially good for the lungs, gives energy, low dose if high BP

o Maitake

o Coriolous.

Astragalus – 2 caps 2x/day. A great immune boosting and immune-modulating herb. A qi tonic that raises one’s energy level without caffeine. It promotes the immune system’s T cells and activates B cells. Studies have found it’s able to reduce cytokine driven inflammation (the most dangerous inflammation caused by Covid-19). Reduces edema (swelling). People with high blood pressure should use only small doses. Don’t take at night as it gives energy.

The Great Regulator - 3 capsules 2x/day. If you think you were exposed, 3 capsules 3x/day. Great Regulator is a classic formula called Xiao Chai Hu Tang. It is a gentle antibiotic /

antiviral formula to be taken taken as a preventative measure. One of the herbs in the formula, Scuterlaria, has been shown to have antiviral properties and inhibit the entrance of viruses into cells.

American Ginseng – 2 full droppers 2x/day. Research has shown it improves the immune response to flu and respiratory viruses while decreasing inflammation. The herb builds qi, adaptive energy, vitality, nourishes and moistens the lungs. Dragon Herbs American Ginseng Tincture or Dew Drops are excellent sources.

Vitamin C – 3000 mg / day. The more bioavailable forms the better. For example,

liposomal vitamin C.

Zinc – 15mg/day. Check out Mineral Balance by Jarrow Formulas.

Vitamin D – 1000 iu / day. Can do up 10,000 iu for short periods to reduce inflammation.

Probiotics or Fermented Foods – my favorite probiotic is Garden of Life’s Primal Defense

Ultra. 3 capsules a day.


Plentiful Sleep:

Your body does most of its healing and internal housekeeping while you sleep. In Chinese medicine, the most important time to be sleeping is between 10 pm and 3 am. Getting at least 6 quality hours is essential, 8 preferred. Studies have shown that people who go to bed before midnight have higher levels of lymphocytes (important white blood cells). Since low lymphocyte counts are often a part of SARS-COV-2 infection, getting the numbers up with sleep is very valuable.

Clean Diet & Hydration:

Western and Eastern medicine agree that gut health has a huge impact on overall health. It heavily influences mood, immunity, inflammation and nutrient levels. Below are concise diet guidelines:


  • Minimize refined sugar, alcohol, coffee, fried foods, dairy and highly processed foods.
  • Drink lots of water. Dehydration is a feature of Covid-19. Pro-Tip: Add little apple cider vinegar or fresh lemon to your water.
  • Lots of vegetables and a moderate amount of fruit.
  • Fresh pressed green vegetable juice daily. Add apple to sweeten lightly. 
  • Fermented dairy is far better than non-fermented.
  • Try not to eat for at least 2 hours before bed. Helps the body to focus on healing rather than processing what you last ate.

Pro-Tip: Manuka honey has been shown to have anti-pathogenic properties and reduce coughing. A third of a teaspoon of Manuka honey at a time is enough (eat it right off the spoon).

Digestion is a warm process. Whatever you eat the body must heat to 100 degrees. So warm, cooked foods are easier to digest. Ginger and turmeric are very healing spices. There is some promising research on Intermittent Fasting and its ability to raise immunity and regulate blood sugar. A google search can provide you numerous resources. Remember that no eating style works for everyone so use it only if it works for you.

Exercise – There is no great health without exercise. You know the saying it takes money to

make money? Well, it takes energy to make energy! Moving your body is a great way to

decrease stress, increase endorphins, bolster immunity, improve gut health, strengthen the

lungs and heart as well as boost natural hormones levels.

  • Minimum of 3 exercise sessions a week. Cardio is a must in the age of Covid. Consider a daily run- walk in the now empty streets. Break a sweat.
  • Stretching and yoga. Even 10 minutes can have huge positive impact. YouTube is loaded with how to videos.
  • The power of 10! Keep up the basics: push-ups, sit-ups, squats and lunges. Just do 10 at a time. Use them to invigorate after sitting for a while. Text your friends when you finish and start a game helping one another to be more fit.

Pro-Tip: Adam Pedicini is an amazing trainer who is streaming online classes here. If you join class, I’ll likely see you there.


Remember: Dragon Herbs has online ordering and phone ordering (310) 917-2288. The code, krieger2020” will get you 10% off the order. You cannot check out as a guest and still get the discount, so make sure to register / login.

Stay safe out there! Wash your hands often. Maintain social distancing. Be kind to yourself and others. Find a way to be of service to your community. If we all share our talents we can weather this storm far more gracefully.